Welcome to CAVO

Car Accident  Victims Organisation  is a non-profit organisation supporting those who have been mentally, physically, or otherwise affected, by a car accident.  Their family, friends or carers, or life-changing injuries, and who have had a car accident in the United Kingdom.

CAVO not only offers information, but human contact, by setting up a network of self-help support groups around the country.  

The CAVO Support Programme is being started in order to engage the support process at the point of crisis.  This prevents them becoming isolated and lonely during the years ahead.

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Remember this site is for anyone.  Even if you have not had an accident don’t get complacent – It could happen to you!

Our Mission

  •     To give hope and life back to victims of car accidents. 
  •     To assist anyone who has been a victim of a car accident; irrelevant of age, race, disablement or status.